How To Program A Ford Transponder Key Without Original

How To Program A Ford Transponder Key Without Original. Slot in the first programmed key in the ignition. Follow the instructions given below to how to program transponder key ford without original:

How To Program A Ford Transponder Key Without Original from

That is, 10 minutes and 30 seconds. In a similar way as step 2, rerun the procedure and put the transponder key in the “off” position again in 45 seconds. You can reprogram a fresh key from the driver’s seat, in a few minutes, but you will need two programmed keys plus an extra key that is yet to be programmed.

You’ll Put These Back Later, But First, We Need To Program Your New Key.

Then you will take out the wires that are connected to it. To program the transponder key, you want to put it in the ignition and set it to the on position. Turn the key to run but do not start the vehicle.

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As This Is Done, Get Back To The “On” Position.

Steps to program a transponder key (without the original) step number 1: Programming a transponder that does not use the original is not a very complicated process. Again, get to the “off” spot and put it back to the “on.” spot as well.

And You Don’t Need Your Vin Number For It Either.

Make sure your original transponder key is not around you or the car so false signals won’t be sent to your car. Once you get the security alert, you need to wait 15 minutes before proceeding. Leave it in the “on” position for 10 and a half minute.

Turn The Ignition To On And Keep It On For About 10 Minutes And 25 Seconds.

Below are the steps on how to program a ford transponder key without using the main original key. Most people don’t know that they can program a ford key without the original. Firstly, insert the new (unprogrammed) cut transponder key in the ignition.

Step 2 Is To Put This Ford Key In The Ignition Switch Of Your Ford Vehicle And Turn It On.

You have to be aware of how to program a transponder key ford or other vehicle models. If the clone has lost the key, the best way is to contact a locksmith to create a suitable set of keys. The new key should now be.

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